Tuesday, August 19, 2003

And now, some gratuitous outdoor shots that have nothing to do with knitting or yarn...
sunflowers!I've always loved the look of an old barn with sunflowers in front of it. While the rest of the flowers languished this year, I made sure to prepare a nice little spot where a sunflower bed can (with hopes) flourish for years to come.
the front flower bedsOK, languish is a bit harsh -- the flower beds did well, especially considering the relative degree of neglect they endured. The hollyhocks are done, but the Phlox has just begun.
the back 40Meanwhile, behind the house...
blueberries!...acres upon acres of blueberries are ripe for the picking!
the first melonBut this sweet little watermelon has quite a way to go. I took pity on this little plant at the Portland Farmer's Market, because our summer was turning out to be cold and damp, and I knew watermelons like heat. Lo and behold, Mother Nature changed her tune for a little while and is allowing this guy to grow into one heck of an amazing plant.

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