Thursday, June 5, 2003

It's been a slow day here at Clara's Window International Inc., which was probably good since it was newsletter publishing day. Still, I took out the handy dandy camera and took a few more shots to give you the feeling of being here with me. Here they are...

the window, from the outside
My front window, from the outside.

the view when you walk inthe view when you walk in
And when you walk in, this is what you see.

My "cash/wrap" area (boy do I love this retail lingo) is tucked along the far right wall, invisible to the human eye until you've safely entered my lair. I didn't do this to be evil, I did it so I could see the harbor from my desk... er.. cash wrap. It's a long raised table with an electric tea kettle and teensy weensy fridge hidden underneath for those constant tea breaks I seem to be having.

The biggest excitement was the arrival of the Jennifer Pudney needlepoint kits yesterday. Here's a close-up of the display. (Hey humor me, I love these things...)
the Jennifer Pudney handy dandy display

It's a thrill a minute, I tell you! And next week I'll finally get my sign, which is usually a good thing to have if you're a retail establishment. Yes, I promise to post pics as soon as the sign is up.

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