Friday, February 7, 2003

I just had the most amazing experience. You know how, when you visit, you get shown a bunch of "featured recommendations" based on the items you've looked at lately? For obvious reasons, my recommendations tend to be knitting related.

Today -- in response to a reader's husband who was desperately searching for a specific learn-to-knit CD -- I pulled up ol' What do you think appeared at the very tip top of the page, above even Harry Potter and Andrea Bocelli?

Vivian Hoxbro's book, Domino Knitting, and the following:

Knitter's Review
"It's a deceptively simple technique with stunning visual results. "

The irony is that, although I've finally made it into the pantheon of Amazon's editorial recommendations, this quote had nothing to do with Domino Knits. I was referring to Hoxbro's earlier "shadow knitting" technique involving colorplay in garter stitch patterns.

But I shan't let this little oversight ruin my moment of glory. Today, tomorrow, WAL MART!!!! Bwooo-haaa haaaa haaaaa.......

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