Monday, January 20, 2003

Houston, we have a landing! Just this morning I stitched the final seams on Chamonix. She's now being blocked in the laundry room and will make an appearance here once dry and properly set. (For those of you who are new to my window, I began this sweater a year ago. There's no reason it should've taken this long, but it did.)

What euphoria to finally finish a project after such a long dry spell. I feel proud and capable and invincible. My seams are the smoothest, most invisible seams I have yet to do. The unblocked sweater was perhaps a tad too cropped for my sensibilities (so sue me, I'd rather keep my belly covered), but I suspect blocking will help smooth things out.

With Chamonix on the drying rack, this can only mean one thing: time for Studio! I jumped the gun and began swatching last night. On 3mm needles, you're supposed to knit 25 stitches per 4 inch square. Well I ended up with 30 stitches instead, even after washing and blocking the swatch (hey, I'm an optimist, ok?). On 5mm needles, I knit 20 stitches per 4 inch square. Methinks 4mm will do the trick but, of course, that's the one size I can't find in my needle stash. Oh how I wish the Blue Hill Yarn Shop delivered.

In other exciting news, it's almost official: With Julie as my fearless booth babe, I'll be showing my wares at the Spa Knit & Spin taking place in Portland, Maine February 21st through the 23rd. Come one, come all!

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