Tuesday, July 16, 2002

luna mothThe luna moths have returned! This is the second year a luna moth has claimed my front door as its home. They only live for a week or so, but what a glorious sight while they're here.

Speaking of things that have returned, the Knitting is Better than Prozac is back in action throughout Blogspot. More a pitch for knitting than for Knitter's Review itself, the ad should provide welcome comfort to those of you who are sick of looking at those "Free Credit!" and "Low-Interest Home Loans!" ads.

Things in blog land have changed considerably since the first version went up many moons ago. Hundreds of new knitting blogs have emerged. The New York knitting maven behind : : w w w . d a n g e r o u s c h u n k y . c o m : : has moved her stash across the country to Seattle, where she and Beth, the woman behind Homemade Slice of Chaos, are now raising quite a storm.

Dare I admit a sense of loss and thinly veiled envy? What are we East Coasters to do?

One option is to gang together at the first-annual Knitter's Review retreat this November in Virginia. Ironically, while it is being put together by an online entity, the event itself will take place in a rather rustic lodge where phones and TVs don't exist. Even cell phone coverage is sketchy.

The idea is to indulge in knitting, knitting, and more knitting (with an ample dose of tea and the lodge's homemade sweet rolls, which I hear are deadly) without any of our daily distractions. There'll even be an on-site yarn shop for extra supplies. Already 10 people have registered, so this should be great fun.

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

May I present the newest member of our team. Her name is Flo, and she sits in the mail room.

Actually, she is the mail room. She arrived just a few days ago and has already demonstrated the speedy confidence and finesse for which her alma mater - Pitney Bowes - is known.

Please take a moment to welcome her aboard!

Our offices were closed on Monday while I drove a batch of cards down to our first retail customer, the Cape Cod Lavender Farm. It was absolutely beautiful, with field after field of blooming lavender surrounded by rambling roses and tall ornamental grasses.

I also stopped by Adventures in Knitting, a fantastic little yarn shop in Harwich Port. There I discovered a cashmere boucle unlike anything I've ever seen before. It's imported by Joseph Galler, costs a pretty penny, but it's pure succulence at its very finest. Yes, one skein found its way home with me.