Wednesday, May 22, 2002

sunset over the pondWell folksies, May 20th marked my mid-30-somethingth year here on earth. Whereas past birthdays have been spent lunching at some terrible suburban mall restaurant with co-workers whose best intentions didn't always mesh with mine, this was a model for how birthdays should be.

I took a picnic lunch down to the beach and sat on the very same rock I've sat on since my mother first dared set me loose in the world. The sun was shining, the water was intensely blue, all sorts of birds were out, and I had that uncomfortably nice feeling of being completely and totally satisfied with life. (Of course it's usually followed by worries of gloom and doom because as we all know, nothing good ever lasts, etc. etc. etc.)

Then I headed to my favorite garden store and went totally berserk, bringing home 26 beautiful plants. I spent the rest of the afternoon prepping a large area of topsoil with manure (oh YUM!) and peat moss before tucking in each little plant for the evening.

Many times I've doubted the wisdom of my decision to leave San Francisco and pursue a quieter, more grounded life. People near and dear to me just couldn't understand. Those in the technology publishing industry thought I was totally insane. "Maine?" they'd snicker. "Do they even have electricity there?"

But now I'm here, time has passed, and I can honestly say that every ounce of difficulty was worth it. Don't be afraid to rock the boat now and then. Life is short, and the world amazing.

That's my profound statement for the day. Stay tuned for more information about my motivational videotapes and cassettes, available soon at a Home Depot near you.

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just me said...

I had highlighted your blog some time ago. Tonight I decided to start from the beginning as I hate television and I am a bit bored with "fifty shades darker" lol. I just want to say thank you for saying you are happy you took a chance on relocating. It is my dream to one day just pick up and go somewhere where my soul will quiet and I can dig my feet deep in the earth. I LOVE Maine. Spent a week in Acadia Nat'l Park hiking solo and my heart was filled. OK so since none of this rambling has to do with you or knitting...thank you for reading. Continued success to you. BTW I taught myself to knit years ago but I am a terrible project starter and ender.