Friday, May 10, 2002

Aaaaah. Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I can tell you what my new obsession is.

First, the miniature yarn shop is still in its box. This is because I vowed not to open it until I'd gone through all the boxes cluttering up our soon-to-be-stuffed fulfillment center. The boxes remain undisturbed, and so does the yarn shop. Its time will come, and you'll be here to witness it firsthand.

Today I was reading the marvelous Urban Spinner's blog and marveling at her stupendously vast production capabilities. What should I see in one of her pictures but an Alden Amos spinning wheel. There's a 6- to 18-month wait, so if I ordered one, it wouldn't really be all that indulgent of me, would it? With 18 months to save, it'd cost only $67 a month.

(Boy do I love math.)

In other news, a Knitter's Review get-together is beginning to take shape. It began as a low-key, BYOB (bring your own brownies) weekend sitting around on a porch knitting. And now suddenly we're talking about catering, workshops, and airport transportation.

For whatever reason, it's going to be at a y'all-come-back-now-ya-hear lodge in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. There's a porch with rocking chairs, and apparently they stuff you to the gills at breakfast, lunch, and *burp* dinner.

(People felt that the Maine coast was simply too far to travel for a mere weekend. These were the same people who already live in the Virginia area and don't mind forcing everybody else to board an airplane for the weekend. I shall prevail next time.)

If you're interested in joining us, read the details here.

It should be an interesting blend of self-dubbed "old-timers" and disenchanted 30-somethings like me who feel no kinship with the HYUK movement and don't really know where we fit in, yet we love knitting and spinning too much to let it stop us from enjoying ourselves.

I'll make sure there's a nonstop supply of tea and chocolate.

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