Monday, April 1, 2002

What have I been working on lately? Well, I spent the weekend knitting, but not one ounce of yarn slid through my fingertips. Instead, I was knitting jewelry.

You can use beading thread, but for this bracelet I went wild and used very thin gold-colored wire. I simply pre-strung the beads, moving from 11 of one color to 11 of another, then five of a larger bead, three of an even larger, and then two for the center - then I did the reverse in the other direction.

Once the beads were pre-strung, I cast on two stitches using teeny tiny definitely-not-allowed-on-airplanes needles. I'd simply slide one bead over from left to right, then knit (which essentially secures it in the work), then slide another bead, and knit another stitch. Turn the work and repeat this process until you run out of beads.
Voila, instant jewelry! It's not Tiffany's by any stretch of the imagination. But it's wonderfully refreshing if you need a break from your regular fiber-filled diet.

Before I forget, what did you think of the "Girls Who Knit" banner? It's meant to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek sass, certainly not intended to exclude any boys out there who knit. Your ad will come too!

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