Friday, April 19, 2002

This was a grand day in the country. It began when I tried to order voicemail from Verizon for the new business line, only to be informed that they don't actually offer voicemail in my area. How could this be possible? Have I moved to the farthest regions of the Antarctic? It can't be so.

Then a few hours later, a scuffle erupted in the kitchen. I hear high-pitched squeaking noises. What is that cat up to, I ask myself? Just then, he turns and trots in front of me toward the piano room. There's something unusual dangling from his mouth... would that be... a... LIVE MOUSE??

That's right, our boy became a man today. He caught his very first mouse - and a cute little one at that. I saved the little fellow from certain obsolescence, but at the same time I felt guilty for stifling my cat's moment of glory. Perhaps I've been spending too much time with my cat and not enough time with other humans?

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