Thursday, February 14, 2002

Maybe it's just because I had the high-visibility, next-to-the-register table at my coffee haunt this morning. Maybe it's just because I'm not particularly fond of Valentine's day. I don't know.

But there I was this morning, groggily downing my double short cap while finishing a final swatch for this week's yarn review (Adrienne Vittadini's Eva, crisp and sassy like a new tube of lipstick), when a woman turned to me and asked, "Did you knit that sweater yourself?"

As a matter of fact, I had. It's a cozy, oversized Rowan Chunky Soft turtleneck, you know, basically a blanket with sleeves.

But before I could smile and proudly say, "Why yes as a matter of fact I did!" I was hit with a worrisome thought. Was she asking because she liked my sweater, or did she just want to verify that no store in its right mind would sell such an amateurish, sloppy piece of crap?

Speaking of worrisome thoughts, still no action on the banner ad front. Those promised "few hours" have turned into several days. I could be earning interest on my $50 right now. Better yet, I could be buying MORE YARN.

But hey, on a positive note, Ms. Dangerous Chunky mentioned me on her homepage today! I can't imagine a more meaningful Valentine's Day treat. Thank you, fair chunkstress!

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