Tuesday, February 19, 2002

I saw a deer this afternoon as I was driving back from the post office. I always consider the deer a good omen, and today's sighting proved just so.

What did I discover in my mail box when I got home? A big fat package from ROWAN/JAEGER in the UK!!

That's right, sample skeins of all their new Rowan and Jaeger spring/summer yarns, copies of all the new design books, as well as new color cards. The yarns have interesting new textures. Look for more tape-type yarns this summer, including very thin tape-ish ones, rather like a cross between spaghetti and linguini. And the patterns? SASSY.

Postmistress Gossip: An old abandoned farmhouse surrounded by blueberry fields and overlooking the ocean and countryside - it's been used for many a postcard over the years - suddenly burned to the ground last night. Everyone suspects arson, they just don't know who lit the match. More as the story unfolds.

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