Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Did I mention that it was 3 degrees outside when I got up this morning? But here's the amazing thing: It really wasn't all that bad. In fact it was pretty damned nice.

Tuesdays are our day to schlep down to Portland, so we were out this morning by 6am. The sunrise was unbelievably beautiful, an explosive series of oranges and pinks offset with bare, sculptural tree branches reaching out into the sky. The air was pure and crisp, it was just lovely.

Yet many people will only think, "ACK, 3 degrees, NO way, I'm staying in Tulsa where it's warm, dammit!" Sunrise? Tranquility? Beauty? Nah, I need a steady 71 degrees year-round, thanks very much. Oh, and a convenient Starbucks.

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